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Additional Services

CCTV Inspection, Cleaning, Testing, and Rehabilitation

We utilize specialized camera systems to provide clear images of your pipelines. We use combo jetvac trucks to clean with a high-pressure jetting and vacuum. We provide point repair solutions using QuickLock products.

Vacuum, Air Pressure, and Water Pressure Testing

We use low pressure air testing to ensure your pipeline is airtight. We can vacuum test or water test manholes and catch basins. We provide water pressure testing to pressurized lines.

Potholing/Hydro Excavation

We use hydro excavation to safely locate and uncover underground utilities, or if you just need a big hold in the ground.

Stop Water Infiltration with Chemical Grouting and Relining 

We stop all water infiltration with chemical grouting solutions. We provide structural lining using Tnemec's Epoxytec compound polymer paste epoxy.

Deflection Testing

We use mandrels for deflection testing to verify that the pipeline has adequate clearance and meets design specifications.

Sewer Lateral Relining

We are certified contractors for NuFlow, the worldwide leader in small diameter pipe lining. We fix issues such as cracking, slow drainage, blockages, and root intrustion with a trenchless sewer repair solution.


We are proud to be one of the premier pipe inspection and cleaning companies for Utah. 

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